Procedures, Grades & Expectations

8th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Henson
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Classroom Procedures

Beginning of Class
Enter room quietly.
Turn in homework in the appropriate tray.
Sharpen pencils, if necessary, within the first 5 minutes of class.
Work on the daily Warm Up.
Wait quietly for further instructions.

During Class
Raise your hand to talk/answer/ask questions.
Do not leave your seat without permission.
Hold all trash at your desk until the end of class.
No gum, food, or drinks.
Be attentive and ready to answer questions.
During group work, work quietly and politely.

End of Class
Gather personal items and check for trash under/around desk.
Wait for teacher to dismiss you according to your next class.
Throw away any trash on your way out of the classroom.
Move silently out of classroom, through the hallway, and to your next class.

This year we have an exciting new addition to 8th Grade ~ weekly Spanish Class all year! The grade for Spanish will be 15% of the Social Studies Grade.

The remaining 85% of the Social Studies grade will include all Social Studies grades: Quizzes, Tests, Homework, Classwork, Group work, and projects. Each assignment will have equal weight toward the entire 85% Social Studies grade.

Homework: Students will receive two homework grades of 100 for each nine weeks, one for the homework assignments prior to interim and one for the homework assignments following the interim. The homework assignments are turned in daily and randomly checked for completion. If the homework is either not turned in or incomplete, the student will loose points for the homework grade during that grading period.

Participation: Students will receive a participation grade of 100 for each nine weeks. This grade will be deducted as needed for non-participation as well as for disruptive or disrespectful behavior.

Extra Credit: If a student earns extra credit it will be added to the participation grade for that grading period.

All paperwork must be headed properly at the time it is turned in. In the top right corner of the page the student is to write his or her number, below the student number will be the student name, date, and period. Across the top middle of the page will be the assignment title. Students who turn in homework with improper heading will not receive credit for that homework. All other assignments (i.e. tests and quizzes) will be deducted 10 point per error. Papers with rough edges (torn out from a spiral notebook or from three-ring notebook) will not be accepted.

Other Expectations
*Above all else in my classroom, students are expected to behave respectfully toward everyone in the classroom.

*Students are expected to come to class prepared and with all required materials: pencil/pen, textbook, notebook, and completed assignments. Any additional supplies that may be required will be announced ahead of time.

*Social Studies is a reading-intensive course. During the first 2 to 3 weeks of the school year there will be time allowed for reading during class, however, following that time the students are expected to keep up with the readings at home as assigned. If possible, a great way to assist with this would be to review the content with your child to ensure that he or she retained the information read.

Staying In Touch and Informed
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